Coolgreens Identifies Nashville as Target for Strategic Franchise Development

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Coolgreens Identifies Nashville as Target for Strategic Franchise Development
Coolgreens Identifies Nashville as Target for Strategic Franchise Development
Naturally sourced lifestyle franchise seeks franchise owners to grow the Coolgreens footprint in Nashville and throughout Tennessee.

Chalk it up to the vibrant music scene, booming downtown area and uptick in tourism -- Nashville is on the hot list of many brands looking to expand into Tennessee. One of the brands leading this movement is Coolgreens, a down-the-line fresh, naturally sourced food franchise that offers a chef-driven menu of  build-your own salads, wraps, bowls, flatbreads and more. The brand recently launched a strategic growth plan through franchising, with Nashville among its top targets for potential expansion.

“Nashville is rockin' - no pun intended,” said Clay Carson, VP of franchise development for Coolgreens. “We've seen a lot of medical tech companies move to the market in addition to the already thriving music scene. It's a hotbed for millennials, which is perfectly in line with the type of diner that embraces the Coolgreens lifestyle and menu.”

In terms of market capacity, the brand can fit up to eight locations in the Nashville metro, with the goal of opening 22 locations in the state of Tennessee by 2022. Carson notes that the Coolgreens brand message is on point with Nashville’s, with its active lifestyle, boasting a pedestrian-friendly footprint .

“From what we’ve seen, Nashville has a spark that you cannot find many other places. There's a bigger movement towards green and LEED certified living. What Nashville looks like today and what it looked like 10 years ago are completely different,” said Carson. “I was there recently and noticed a number of boutique hotels going up in the city. It's an exciting place to live. What happens is an inside/outside movement as far as growth. When you have this type of growth and millennial scene inside the city, it has an influence on the surrounding suburbs that is synergistic.”

Carson adds that this type of growth is shown like Franklin, Cool Springs, and Brentwood that are suburban in nature, but experience similar growth to the city. He also noted that downtown, midtown, The Gulch and East Nashville are target areas for Coolgreens. “There are surprisingly a very limited number of healthy eating options.”

As the trend in healthy eating and active lifestyle continues to gain steam, and Coolgreens continues to differentiate in the fast casual segment by boasting a 35 percent dinner daypart, the brand is in a prime position to capture market share and grow through franchising. The menu extends beyond salads into wraps, quinoa bowls, sandwiches and flatbreads, many of which clock in at less than 400 calories.

“Our menu is perfectly suited for a city like Nashville, with a population that’s focused on a healthy and active lifestyle,” said Coolgreens CEO Robert Lee. “With Nashville’s food scene focusing on barbecue and heartier fare, our concept will provide both tourists and locals an opportunity to eat well, with a variety of options to keep them coming back for more. Plus, with our niche as a healthy lifestyle brand, we provide opportunity for our franchisees to tap into the popularity of healthy and convenient foods.”

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